Dynamics CRM 2011 – Help!

Jaime Smith, 11 November 2011

In my last Help! Post I eluded that Dynamic CRM 2011 provides multiple options of assistance – This post is going to look at the way it offers help to a system administrator and system customizer.  These two roles are the most important and powerful roles an individual can hold and basically provides them with a “Backstage - Access All Areas” pass.

Given that most CRM users are often not trained in customisation, having these security roles gives them the opportunity to customise, which in turn can increase the risk of potential system breaks – these can be costly to fix - That is where the Administrators Guide comes in handy!

Dynamics CRM 2011 – Help!

We need to go through this guide in 3 Steps:

1. Tasks that must be done before you let your organisation loose in Dynamics CRM 2011

The process of setting up & managing users, security roles, importing and exporting data, synchronisation with outlook are all covered in greater depth within in the contents window under ”Administering Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online”

Dynamics CRM 2011 – Help!

2. Modifications you can make “as and when” you require

This section provides you with links to other sections of the help tool in order to create and customise reports, forms, entities, languages, workflows (automating your business processes) and managing documents (including Sharepoint Integration).  I also want to highlight the ability to set up AUDITING, this is a cool feature that will not only allow you to track changes to records but also user access and the system will provide you with a log of activity.

3. Ongoing maintenance – like your car, CRM 2011 system needs to be maintained regularly

Finally, this section will guide you through keeping your data, user information and business processes (workflows) up-to-date.  It will also teach you how to avoid and detect duplicates, ensuring your data is kept clean. 

If you are the power user in your organisation the Administrator’s Guide should be your go-to for Dynamics CRM 2011 queries!