How to submit a Microsoft Support Ticket to get a faster response

Harshani Perera, 18 September 2019

While using Dynamics 365, you could come across issues that may be due to application errors/limitations and require investigation by Microsoft. In these situations, you can submit a support ticket with Microsoft, and they will investigate the issue.

When logging a support ticket, you should try to submit it to the correct support team otherwise there could be delays as your ticket is re-directed to the correct support Team. For example, you may have an issue with Marketing Lists however if you have submitted a general ticket, this could be received by another team instead of the Marketing App Team.

The following steps will show you how to log a support ticket to the correct Team.

Step 1: Go to and sign in with your login details.

Step 2: Select Admin > Click Show All > Click All Admin Centers > Select Dynamics 365

In order to access the Admin Center, you will require admin permissions. There are several admin roles which allow access to the Admin Center e.g. Global Admin, Dynamics 365 Service Administrator. This link will provide further details on the various admin roles that will help to determine the most suitable role for your requirement.

Step 3: Click ‘Try the new Admin center’ link

Step 4: Click Help + support > Click New Support Request

Step 5: Select the Product Used e.g. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Step 6: Select the Problem Type e.g. Applications and Add-ons

Step 7: Select the Category e.g. Marketing app. Now the Support Request will go to the Marketing Team instead of the Sales team or Services Team etc.

Step 8: Select the Environment

Step 9: Click See Solutions and click ‘Create a support request’ link

Step 10: Fill in the mandatory fields i.e. Issue Title, Issue Description, Severity of the issue and attach any screenshots, documents that can help with the investigation. Click Next.

Step 11: Complete your contact details for Microsoft to contact you i.e. Country, email address, phone number and the best way to reach you. Click Submit.

That’s it! A Microsoft Support Engineer will contact you with the status and may request for more information or to have a screenshare to understand the issue better.

You can also submit a service request faster by clicking the ‘New service request’ in the Navigation Pane. The blog ‘Tips for Requesting Support for Dynamics 365’ will show you the steps however, it’s not possible to select the team to send your request to hence could cause a delay in a response from Microsoft as the ticket has to be directed to the correct team.

If you are unsure which Team the ticket should go to, you can use this method to submit the Support Request.