Dynamics CRM Live View - tell us your idea

Gayan Perera, 24 March 2016


We thought it would be interesting to see if we could visualize Dynamics CRM system usage by users throughout the system similar to the way Internet attacks are displayed (https://cybermap.kaspersky.com). You might be wondering why you’d want to do that, well, it’s always interesting looking at a live animation rather than a static 2D/3D chart on a dashboard.

Imagine, if you’re able to get access to what’s going on with Dynamics CRM in near real-time to info such as dashboard/chart views opens/refreshes, record creates, updates, deletes, advanced finds, inbound emails, outbound emails, record deactivations, activations, case resolutions, lead qualifications, opportunity wins, invoice payments…pretty much anything!

Similar to the Internet attack map, we’d like to know how you’d like to see CRM information displayed on a fun interactive…something…The ‘something’ being your idea.

This is a work in progress, here is a sneak peak at what we have so far. So far we have been able to hook into any Dynamics CRM system (2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, Online, On-Prem) and capture what’s going on in near real-time. We can capture all information that come through the IPluginExecutionContext.


We would love to know your ideas around how you would like to see CRM usage displayed in a fun interactive way…