Dynamics 365 Server Side Synchronization, Queues, and Record Creation and Update Rules Configuration

Colin Maitland, 04 April 2017

In this video demonstrate how to configure Server Side Synchronization, Queues, and Automatic Record Creation and Update Rules for processing and converting Email Messages to Cases in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

For the purposes of this video demonstration, an online trial of Dynamics 365 for Service is used and Gmail, instead of Microsoft Exchange, is used. This video also demonstrates an alternate approach for the configuration of Auto-Response Email Messages that provides the ability to avoid auto-response email loops.

The topics are:

00:00 – Introduction
00:18 – Topic
00:59 – Configuration Overview
02:03 – Gmail Account (Pop Download and Dynamics 365 App Password)
02:50 – Dynamics 365
02:56 – Email Server Profile
04:54 – Email Configuration Settings
06:35 – Email Templates (for Auto-Response Email Messages)
07:40 – Teams and Default Queues
10:48 – Queues
14:27 – Email Enabled Queue Mailboxes
17:34 – Record Creation and Update Rules
23:50 – Email to Case Conversion Example
25:58 – Alternate Auto response Email Configuration
27:36 – Conclusion

02:34 “customized App with the name” should be “an App Password with the name”.
27:23 – “send an auto-response email template” should be “send an auto-response email”.