Why Microsoft CRM for Sales is Imperative

Ann Miller, 02 November 2016

Sales people are expensive people to bring on-board.  We tend to know our own worth and are often motivated by winning and being well recompensed for our efforts. We will research a prospective employer and weigh up all aspects of the company including remuneration, sensible target and quota setting and culture.  In addition, sales people will assess your views on mobile working, how easy you make it for them to efficiently to do what you have hired them to do, find business, grow business and close business.


For employers, it’s a little trickier.  Finding and selecting the right salesperson for your team can be fraught.  You have to fully know your own strengths and weaknesses, and your goals.  Once you selected your salesperson and assessed their experience, how they will fit into your organisation, and agreed your expectations from the goals you have identified, you are good to go, it’s up to them now, right?



Finding the right salesperson is the just the start.  Having the right practises and measurements in place will not only enable that salesperson to exceed their target but will give you invaluable insights into your business and future goals.

A CRM system is the way to handle this.  Every good salesperson will embrace CRM if it makes their job easier.  Why wouldn’t they? It’s mobile, can hold all information they need to fully understand their clients and gives them a view on where they are on every deal and what they have to do to hit target.


For Sales managers, you are not only empowering and easily measuring your salespeople.  Driving best practise via CRM regulates how as a company you engage with your customers and provides the building blocks for a more meaningful, deeper relationship with your customers.  Data analytics further accurate target setting and help monitor the effectiveness of your company’s strategy, providing the ability to spot and react to trends.

Giving your sales team the right tools should be part of your investment in them, to enable your team and to deliver a better service to your customers.