Modifying the Queue Command Bar in Dynamics 365

Alfwyn Jordan, 16 October 2019

Recently, as the Dynamics 365 administrator, I was tasked with removing the Assign button from the Queue form command bar.

Easy enough, I thought. I’ll just create a solution with the Queue entity, open Ribbon Workbench and hide the button.

But no, instead of being able to edit the command bar I received this:

Ribbon Workbench has excluded Queues from loading since their v1.0.1.3 release. This is because Queues have no independent ribbons and instead use the general Application Ribbon.

Thus, the workaround was to add the Application Ribbon to the solution and reopen the solution in Ribbon Workbench.

I then had to add new enable and display rules to the button based on the entity. So, I chose to customize the command and added the new rules.

This ensured that the button was not enabled or displayed for Queues. I also needed to move these to the top of the display and enable rules sections on that Command so that the new rules would be applied first.

And now when we look again, there’s no Assign button on the Queue command bar.

This is a good way to customize any button on the Queue ribbon/command bar.