Command Bar Not Loading in Dynamics 365, Release 2020 Wave 2

Adam Murchison, 19 October 2020

When opening a form in Dynamics 365 some users have been experiencing a long load time of the command bar compared to the rest of the form. When debugging this with a non-admin user I noticed that I was experiencing the same large delay on the command bar as other users, compared to the system administrator user that I usually use.


When using dev tools to inspect the page of a non-system administrator user, I noticed a few errors that didn’t occur when I was system administrator. One being an error “message: "Principal user (Id=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, type=8, roleCount=14, privilegeCount=681, accessMode=0), is missing prvReadmsdyn_iotdevice privilege (Id=xxxxxxxxxxx) on OTC=10180 for entity 'msdyn_iotdevice'. context.Caller=xxxxxxxxxx". I added read access to IoT Device and IoT Alert to a base security role that was used on the majority of the users in the system and the command bar load times fixed itself.


This is not a very obvious error and it is quite difficult to find the cause. I hope that now you have the correct privileges, you won’t get any long and painful load times on the command bar.