• Transfer Word Templates to Different Environments in Dynamics 365

      Megha Kainth, 09 February 2021

      Recently, I had an opportunity to create Document Templates for a client. I created a Word Document for a custom entity in DEV environment, but I had trouble transferring it to other environments i.e. UAT and PROD. Document got uploaded but field Associated Entity Type Code was blank so the document

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    • Enhanced Duplicate Detection and Merge in Dynamics 365

      Megha Kainth, 10 November 2020

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives us the ability to merge duplicate records that are present in our system. With the new Wave 2 release, duplicate detection and merge capability have been enhanced to help enable organisations to maintain a clean database.This new feature enables users to merge a record b

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    • Chained Survey Branching Rule in Microsoft Forms Pro

      Megha Kainth, 25 May 2020

      Forms Pro is a Survey solution provided by Microsoft and powered by Office 365 and Dynamics 365. In this blog post I will explain how to set up a Chained Survey Branching Rule to a Survey. A Chained Survey allows you to redirect the user to another Survey. This survey gets displayed based on your re

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    • How to Hide Non-Customisable Dashboards in Dynamics 365

      Megha Kainth, 03 October 2019

      In Dynamics 365, customisable dashboards can be hidden by altering the Security Roles that are able to view the dashboard. I wanted to hide a system dashboard for a client, and I learned that the Server-Side Synchronization Failures Dashboard cannot be customised. In this blog post, I will show you

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    • How to Create Surveys using Microsoft Forms Pro

      Megha Kainth, 28 August 2019

      With Forms Pro, Microsoft has made it easy to Create Surveys, Send Surveys and View Responses. Forms Pro is a survey solution that builds on the current survey-creation experience of Microsoft Forms in Office 365. It helps you capture and analyse survey responses. In this blog post, I will show you

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    • Evaluating Members in Marketing Lists using Advanced Find in Dynamics 365

      Megha Kainth, 16 August 2019

      There are times when you want to add or remove members in your Marketing List. In Dynamics 365 Unified Interface version 9.0, you can use the Manage Members functionality to evaluate members. In this blog, I will show you how you can do this.  Go to Marketing List and Open the record that you

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    • Conditional Workflow Email Content in Dynamics 365

      Megha Kainth, 19 July 2019

      In this blog, I will show you how you can add conditional email content when sending email messages via workflow in Dynamics 365. In this scenario, we want to send an automated email, but sign off the email based on information from a Case record. For example, if the Case Type = “Enquiry”, sign off

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    • Get Counts for more than 5000 records in Dynamics 365

      Megha Kainth, 12 July 2019

      One of the most important tasks during Data Migration testing is to get the record counts of all the records in an entity. This can be done using Advanced Find when records are less than 5000, but what if there are more than 5000 records? In the past, we have used different methods to get the record

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    • Enable Entities for Dynamics 365 for Outlook

      Megha Kainth, 15 April 2019

      Dynamics 365 App for Outlook lets you create activities, track emails, create records in CRM from Outlook. Some out of the box entities are searchable by default - for example Account, Contacts and Leads. Some entities such as custom entities aren’t available in the app out of the box. To allow use

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    • Data Import Error - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fields were not Found

      Megha Kainth, 12 April 2019

      One of our clients had an issue with Data Import, where while trying to import data an error was getting displayed – "The Records were not updated because the following Microsoft Dynamics 365 fields were not found: <field name>". This was a bit strange as the field was right there in the Heade

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    • Combine Columns to Import Data in Dynamics 365

      Megha Kainth, 11 April 2019

      Recently, one of our clients was having trouble while importing data in Dynamics 365. They exported data from another system to import into Dynamics 365. That system has fields for First Name and Last Name but has no combined field for Full Name. They exported the data in a csv file and wanted to i

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    • Share PowerApps with Another User

      Megha Kainth, 30 November 2018

      PowerApps can easily be shared with another user from the same organisation. To share your app, sign in to PowerApps. Click on Apps. Select your App from the list and Click Share. Enter user’s name or email address. Check the Co-owner tick box if you would like the user to edit and share the app. Cl

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    • Create PowerApps using Data from Excel

      Megha Kainth, 29 November 2018

      PowerApps can be created using data from an Excel spreadsheet. Users can create their tables in Excel and upload it to OneDrive. In this blog, we will learn – how to create a PowerApp using Data from Excel. Open a worksheet in Excel and insert a table to it. Add some data such as First Name, Last Na

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    • Exploratory Testing - Preparation, Execution and Closure

      Megha Kainth, 25 June 2018

      Exploratory testing is an approach that can be taken by a domain experienced tester when there are less documentation/requirements available and there is a limited amount of time for testing. Exploratory testing is not ad hoc testing but a considerate approach to ad hoc testing as documentation is p

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    • How to Create Bulk Bugs in TFS using Excel

      Megha Kainth, 05 December 2017

      One of the most time-consuming tasks for a Software Tester is logging defects. It can take a good amount of time to create a lot of bugs in TFS manually but doing it via Excel is more efficient. With Excel, you can create all your bugs in less time and import them to TFS as a flat list. In this blog

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